Multi-Region Migration using AWS Application Migration Service


The AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) provides a streamlined solution for migrating your applications from one AWS region to another. Here’s how you can perform a multi-region migration using AWS Application Migration Service:

Assesment and Planning

  • Before initiating the migration process, assess your applications to identify dependencies, resource utilization, and any potential compatibility issues.
  • Use AWS Application Discovery Service to gather information about your on-premises environment or existing AWS infrastructure.
  • Plan your migration strategy, including the sequence of application migration, target regions, and any necessary adjustments to your architecture.

Setup Source and Target Environments

  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access both the source and target AWS accounts and regions.
  • Set up your target environment in the desired AWS regions, including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) configurations, subnets, security groups, and any required resources.

Configure AWS Application Migration Service

  • Navigate to the AWS Migration Hub console and choose “Create a migration task.”
  • Select “AWS MGN” as the migration tool and specify the source and target endpoints.
  • Configure replication settings, including replication frequency, data retention policies, and network settings.
  • Review and confirm the migration task details before proceeding.

Start Replication

  • Once the migration task is configured, start the replication process. AWS MGN will begin replicating your applications and data from the source environment to the target environment.
  • Monitor the replication progress through the AWS Migration Hub console to ensure that data is being transferred successfully.

Testing and Validations

  • After replication is complete, conduct testing and validation to ensure that your applications function correctly in the target environment.
  • Verify that dependencies are properly configured, and all necessary resources are accessible.
  • Perform functional and performance testing to confirm that your applications meet the desired criteria in the target region.


By following these steps, you can successfully perform a multi-region migration using AWS Application Migration Service, allowing you to achieve geographic redundancy, improve performance, and enhance disaster recovery capabilities for your applications.